Santa is Gearing up for the Bristol Parade! Are You?

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Bristol Borough Christmas Parade

A tradition you won’t want to miss! Come celebrate with us and even participate in the festivities.  Let your childish imagination run wild.  Enjoy time with your family and take pleasure in the smiles on your child’s face. This is also a great opportunity to show the community your business cares!  Get involved and show your not a “Scrooge”.

Welcome to the Bristol Borough Parade Website!  The Bristol Parade is a tradition in our small and humble town.  The Parade is born of Pride, Family and Community Strength.  You will find many generations of families have been participants in our annual parade. Bristol is a historic community full of life and nestled along the beautiful Delaware River. So come on down and join the fun! Come see what Bristol and it’s beauty have to offer you and your family!


It's that time of year again....Come Celebrate with us November 26th...Bring the whole family!

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